AppXchange Hour

AppXchange Hour What is it? & Why Should You Care?

Notice the vortexes in our midsts? – (1) Business challenges and pain points are getting complex by the day; (2) Our ‘full plate’ leaves little time to keep ourselves abreast of new features and developments that could expedite in resolving the challenges we face. These factors alone hamper our ability to design sustainable and scalable solution(s).

So, the creators of AppXchange Hour, did what they do best – package a solution in a nutshell! Avail yourself to the combined expertise of fellow users and Industry experts – from Commerce, Marketing, Sales, Service Clouds etc. – about the most cutting-edge tools available, but hidden at times in plain sight. Narrow your search efficiently, within just an hour, by attending AppXchange Hour!

Most of our day-to-day challenges become relatively easy to solve – as we gain experience and expertise along the way. However those pesky 20% – yes, the Pareto optimal rule of 80/20 – consume 80% of our time and resources. The AppXchange Hour is committed to equip you with ‘just right’ tools to solve the pesky 20% within 20% of your time and resources!

Once a week, we will deliver you insightful episodes to inspire, inform, and invigorate you. The format will include notable industry experts unpacking most up-to-date insights and updates for you within an hour. These global changemakers will be someone who is determined to simplify – and help you to reframe – your business challenges through our platform!

Who Should Join AppXchange Hour?

Anyone who wants to grow his/her business and solve challenges in the smartest way possible. The audience include (but not limited to):

  • Salesforce Professionals 
  • Business Users 
  • Digital Greenhorns and Logisticians
  • SMBs and Online businesses
  • and others. 

Why Us?

We have demonstrated, time and again – via Automation Champion blog and Automation Hour sessions – that we have a knack for offering the best possible solution options in a nutshell. Our platforms have helped many to streamline their efforts in solving business challenges and move several steps closer towards the targeted objective(s). 

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Want to take a deeper dive? We are here for you for that too! On the AppXchange Hour  – look for insightful contents and remarkable episodes. Interact with like-minded users and reframe business challenges – instead of dreading those pesky 20% – as leads and opportunities to thrive in the ecosystem!

Thank you for being a part of the AppXchange Hour and contributing towards enriching it!

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