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Is Your Sales Team Equipped to Deliver a Levitated Performance?

Modern Sales Teams do not have the luxury of ascending incrementally! To address these challenges, Ascent Cloud was founded as a result of a nuptial between Geopointe and LevelEleven. 

 Ascent Cloud

Ascent Cloud formed as a Sales Enablement + Performance Management solution suited to bring the modern sales team into the future. Powered by two industry-leading solutions, Geopointe and LevelEleven, Ascent Cloud is able to provide end-to-end solutions that addresses the challenges that sales and customer-facing leaders face on a daily basis. 


Geopointe was founded over 10 years ago as the leading Geolocation solution on Salesforce AppExchange. LevelEleven launched in 2012, acting as a leading Performance Management solution available on Salesforce AppExchange. 

These companies have been sister companies since late 2017, with teams working closely together and even across companies at times. Bringing these two teams together seemed an obvious decision to better serve current and future customers.

 Mission – What Ascent Cloud Does

As an industry-leading solution for sales and customer-facing teams that enhance their CRM and empowers leaders to improve performance, Ascent Cloud is an end-to-end solution for all teams.

 Beyond that, Ascent Cloud is made up of a team of professionals who are passionate about helping sales and customer-facing teams improve each and every day. Their customer base spans different industries, use cases, and company sizes.

 Solutions – How Ascent Cloud Can Help

Ascent Cloud provides a multitude of solutions to help sales and customer-facing teams find success and improve productivity. With the combined capabilities of Geopointe and LevelEleven, organizations can find the perfect solution with Ascent Cloud.

  1. Insights for Sales Leaders – Utilizing the power of both solutions, Ascent Cloud offers team leaders insights into their team’s performance. By incorporating reps behaviors and an organization’s maturity model, Ascent Cloud offers real-time insights that leaders can then take action on.
  2. Focus Resources on the Right Location – Geolocation is absolutely vital for organizations to be able to see if they have the right resources focusing on the right location. Whether it’s to determine if additional resources or attention is needed, where opportunities are happening, or where leads and success are happening.
  3. Optimize Sales Team Operations – Optimizing sales team operations is an on-going task leaders must tackle. Ascent Cloud products are built to help teams optimize lead, opportunity, and behavior flow with our territory and mapping capabilities.
  4. Motivate with Healthy Competition – We know competition (when done correctly) can be a great motivator for teams, that is why we have created our gamification solution. By incorporating contests, leaderboards and real-time performance broadcasts, teams stay motivated and experience spikes in productivity.
  5. Coach and Onboard with Structure and Consistency – It’s imperative that leaders coach and onboard team members in such a way that they are set up for success. With a structured approach to coaching that mixes objective and subjective feedback, Ascent Cloud data-driven coaching provides leaders the tools they need.
  6. Reinforce Behaviors with Performance Scorecards – The ability to track KPIs and behaviors in real-time allows leaders to cut through the day-to-day noise and course correct before a team member steers too far off course.

To learn more about Ascent Cloud solutions, visit, or checkout their introductory webinar, Solutions for the Modern Sales Team.