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AppXchange Hour program was conceived to address the following frustrations voiced by thousands of Salesforce Superusers, Industry Decision-Makers, and Influencers on our highly popular Automation Champion blog and Automation Hour webinar.

  1. 1. Looking for a ‘just right’ app – without a tailored guidance or direction – is like finding a needle in the haystack.
  2. 2. Customizing an org, to develop a business solution, is akin to opening a Pandora’s box!

With AppExchange getting crowded by the day, Partners, ISVs and App Developers are finding it harder to showcase their products and services to the right audience. Precious time and resources are being wasted in trying to convert leads that are not yet ready for prime time! 

In light of the above, leverage AppXchange Hour Platform to learn, first-hand, use cases and pain points, of your prospects and customers. Offer captivating webinars showing how your apps provides the most streamlined solution. Glean powerful insights from superusers of the Salesforce platform on how they may already be using, or could use, your apps to solve challenges that you, or your product teams, may not be privy to! Capture these nuggets from industry experts to build your repertoire of ideas for future product enhancements and scalability!

Connect with us to expand your reach to ‘ready-to-buy’ prospects and customers!

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Advantages of Showcasing your App on AppXchange Hour:

Advantages of Showcasing your App on AppXchange Hour:

  • Expand your reach globally!
  • Customer’s first preference is to buy not build – so, capitalize on that!
  • Build brand awareness within and among the groups that matter the most!
  • Engage your customers’ and prospects’ by keeping them connected to your brand’s dynamic content – consistently!
  • Last but not least, learn from Salesforce superusers about the strengths and opportunities associated with your products and services to enhance and scale for the future!

Why Partake in AppXchange Hour?

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Salesforce ISVs’ and OEMs’ contributions towards extending the Salesforce Platform cannot be overstated! Partners go to great lengths to, first and foremost, understand pain points of users and businesses and then offer solutions to the best of their abilities. By so doing, the Partners manifest what Salesforce is best known for – its community spirit!

AppXchange Hour is no different! Our goal is to make it easier for Salesforce Partners to be ahead of the curve and offer the best possible business solutions that meet, if not exceed, expectations!

With two highly successful ventures under our belt –Automation Champion blog and Automation Hour webinar, we added value and gained the trust of thousands of users. We are grateful for the same. In light of the above, we believe that AppXchange Hour will be no different. Come, join us!

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