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Munira Majmundar is a seasoned CRM Consultant, an avid Technical and Content Writer. She worked at Verizon for 14+ years as a liaison between IT and Marketing. As a CRM Consultant, Munira worked on several CRMs and found Salesforce to be by far the best CRM Platform and built her career on the platform. Munira is a Co-Leader of San Jose CA Administrator Salesforce User Group and 4X Salesforce Certified. Indeed, for the past 3+ years, Munira has been an Editor of Automation Champion blog, as well as part of NPSP Videography Editorial Team.

Rakesh Gupta has been working on platform for over 9 years. He is seven times Salesforce MVP who has authored 8 books and counting! Rakesh is admired as one of the most effective mentors and Salesforce coaches! To state that Rakesh is an avid blogger is an understatement! Rakesh’s contributions to the Salesforce Community are not limited to writing blogs, books, mentoring or coaching. He is a principal team member of a biweekly online webinar, Automation Hour. Furthermore, Rakesh co-founded World’s first Salesforce Virtual Dreamin!

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Among the plethora of available Apps, which is the right one for me? The question haunts almost every Salesforce Professional/Customer. AppXchange Hour to rescue!

AppXchange Hour will organize a weekly webinar for Saleforce Professionals/ Customers to navigate the App maze! During the webinar, Salesforce App vendors will demonstrate how their Apps can contribute towards enabling customers to design a streamlined and seamless solution.

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