Flatten Your Learning Curve - Avail to the Guided Learning on AppXchange Hour!

Fun of scouting for Apps on AppExchange ceases to be enjoyable in light of looming deadlines, project backlogs and concerns over the possibility of failing to meet expectations. Almost all of us have experienced the crunch and wished there was a way to quickly learn about available apps and find the one that is ‘just right’! It is not easy, Salesforce is the first one to admit! 

Salesforce is aware of the ‘dilemma of multiple options and choices’ and states that, ‘of course, our catalog of products is huge—understanding the whole thing is easier said than done. How do you gather all of this information? Where do you start? You can’t just go to AppExchange and thumb through everything there! So there, you just have it from the horse’s mouth!

In light of the above, is there a way to have the cake and eat it too? – i.e., have access to the plethora of cutting-edge solutions offered by AppExchange and yet not get overwhelmed by the availability of too many choices?

Well, now there is – AppXchange Hour!

‘Show-and-Share’ prowess of your Apps with Salesforce Ohana

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Cut to the Chase!

Cut to the Chase!

AppXchange Hour will curate the content by inviting ISVs and OEMs to show webinar attendees how their App(s) add value and enable users to design solution(s) within the constraints of time and budget! Salesforce Partners will demo prowess of their App(s) and endeavor to meet, if not exceed, your expectations! What is in it for you?
  • Learn from industry experts about the apps via interactive webinars!
  • Let solution providers show you how their App(s), not only align with your use case(s) but also, provide the most streamlined solution to resolve your pain points!
  • Get your questions answered in a most effective and efficient manner.
  • Strengthen your business case to obtain cutting-edge tools!
  • Thankfully, it is not all work! We will have prizes and swags too!

Why Invite Agony when there are Better Options?!

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Unprecedented success of AppExchange has been a double-edge sword for all involved – ISVs, OEMs, and consumers alike. Salesforce AppExchange is not done growing yet. Let us look at the stats!

Salesforce AppExchange is the world’s No. 1 enterprise marketplace and the hub of the Salesforce ecosystem with over 5,000 listings and counting!. AppExchange has about 8 million customer installs and 90,000 reviews so far. In fact, more than 88% of Salesforce customers and 95% of the Fortune 100 have at least one app installed from AppExchange (Source: Inspire Planner). 

Furthermore, acquisitions like Tableau, Mulesoft, and strong preference towards technologies like Artificial Intelligence (Einstein), and personalization, open up immense opportunities for app builders. Similarly, continuous extension of the Salesforce Platform will enable businesses using Salesforce to bring in new customizations into Salesforce via AppExchange.

So, if, today, you find it time-consuming – to find ‘just right’ App(s) on the AppExchange then, imagine how things would be down the road! Why not conserve your time and energy by quickly getting up to speed on available apps via AppXchange Hour? Better, right? We could not agree more!

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