AppXchange Hour

Best Practices For Salesforce Data Lifecycle Management

Missed 21st August 2020 AppXchange Hour webinar with OwnBackup? No need to fret – we have you covered! 

The purpose of AppXchange Hour is to spread information about essential apps available on AppExchange. Hence, we are sharing the recording so you can get to the information despite missing the webinar!

Use Case: Data is a company’s lifeline – along with Data integrity and Security. Practically, nothing is more important than protecting the company’s data if a company wants to deliver a stellar customer experience and attain targeted KPIs. 

Maya Peterson, the Salesforce Administrator at GurukulonCloud (GoC), knows that too well. But, she works for a small startup and her manager is not ready to invest tons of money to buy a data backup option. So, Maya decides to attend AppXchange Hour’s Webinar presented by OwnBackup to gather enough insights and make a strong business case. 

Webinar’s Excerpt – Maya is convinced that the following reasons are strong enough to help convince her Manager!:

  • Maya learned that Ownbackup Archiver, a policy-based data lifecycle management tool, enables companies to manage the flow of data from creation and initial storage to either archiving it for legal purposes or deleting it if no longer relevant or useful for business needs. Great, this is exactly what Maya was looking for – a streamlined end-to-end solution to manage her company’s precious data!
  • Next, Maya was thrilled to learn that objects, their relationship, its related objects, its files, task, and attachments all gets saved in a usable and scalable manner! This includes Salesforce’s objects with Master/Detail relationship and Lookup Relationships!! – Awesome, thinks Maya!
  • But, Maya wonders, ‘what if I want to use the archived data along with data in Salesforce to generate reports and dashboard? Will I be able to do that?’ Just when she finishes her thought, the presenter mentions that Ownbackup offers that feature too!

The above is just the tip of the iceberg! Maya takes copious notes and heads to her desk, after the webinar, to write a powerful business case to buy Ownbackup. Even though it is Friday, she does not want to delay this anymore. To her surprise, after receiving and reading the business case, Maya’s Manager requests her to set up a meeting on Monday morning to discuss the Ownbackup option! 

Yes! Happy Friday Y’all – from Maya!

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Enjoy the Webinar – Happy Learning!