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Conga Orchestrate – Streamline Business with Workflow Automation

Missed 17th July 2020 AppXchange Hour webinar with Conga ? No need to fret – we have you covered! 

The purpose of AppXchange Hour is to spread information about essential apps available on AppExchange. Hence, we are sharing the recording so you can get to the information despite missing the webinar!

Use Case: Workflow Automation is a necessity and a blessing. But, leveraging it is complex. Each and every Salesforce Admin knows this all too well. So, what is Sarah Powell, a Salesforce Administrator at Gurukul on Cloud (GoC), to do? 

Sarah is responsible for managing multiple Salesforce Orgs, workflows with numerable and convoluted steps, and design repeatable processes. The last thing Sarah wants to do is learn how to write/use code!

So, Sarah attended Conga’s AppXchange Hour Webinar to learn how Conga Orchestrate can help her to streamline business processes and maintain her sanity!

Webinar’s Excerpt – Top reasons for investing your time to take a closer look at Conga Orchestrate:

  • First and foremost, streamlining business processes is critical for any organization. 

Streamlining processes necessitates automation – partly to minimize human errors. But, what if a Salesforce Administrator has to design, build and manage multiple, and repeatable, workflow automation streams? Does this put us back to square one? – complexity of managing multiple workflow streams attracting human errors – the very thing we tried to avoid in the first place?

Unfortunately, it does. Sarah knows that in order to streamline business processes, she not only needs to create multiple and repeatable processes but also needs to track and manage them efficiently. So, when she saw how easy it was to do that with Conga Orchestrate – i.e., have her cake and eat it too – she was sold!

  • Sarah, like many of us, is a visual learner. She understands, and absorbs, better when she can visualize her processes and its intricacies. During the webinar, Sarah was very pleased when she saw that Conga Orchestrate leverages Lucid Charts! Ah, what a relief! Use of Lucid charts flattened Sarah’s learning curve. It helped her to quickly see and grasp the value proposition of Conga Orchestrate! Another plus point!
  • Having seen how useful Conga Orchestrate could be in improving her productivity, another challenge popped up in Sarah’s mind – at least at first, it seemed to Sarah that learning Conga Orchestrate, to be able to use it, may be a bit difficult and time consuming. 

So, Sarah wondered – is there a way that she can ramp up on the product quickly? Before she even finished her thought, the presenter mentioned Conga University! Sarah was pleased again – she knew she could turbocharge her learning process with the guidance from the University. She was all set and ready to draft a business case to buy Conga Orchestrate! Her investment of time in attending the webinar paid a hefty dividend!

You too can follow Sarah’s footsteps by adding cutting-edge tools to your quiver to take your company to the next level and be ahead of your competitors! 

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Enjoy the Webinar – Happy Learning!