AppXchange Hour

Four Ways to Empower Your Agents to Create the Ultimate Customer Experience

Missed 18th September 2020 AppXchange Hour webinar with Internet Creations? No need to fret – we have you covered! 

The purpose of AppXchange Hour is to spread information about essential apps available on AppExchange. Hence, we are sharing the recording so you can get to the information despite missing the webinar!

Use Case: Delivering pleasant customer experience is an ultimate goal of an organization and its Agents. Therefore, this is one of the highest priorities of Susan Maddock – a top notch System Administrator at Gurukul on Cloud (GoC). To streamline her search for an App that would be easy to configure and maintain, Susan checks out AppXchange Hour and notices that Internet Creations is offering a webinar showcasing how their App helps their clients deliver a seamless and rich customer experience. 

Ah! Time well spent! The webinar was informative and helped Susan to make a business case to buy the App. The following were some of the top selling points!

Webinar’s Excerpt:

  • The Service Experience Suite is the secret sauce of delivering great customer experience. It touches four pillars – Responsiveness; Utilization; Personalization; and, Feedback. For instance, Susan wants her agents to be responsive to the customers’ needs; ensure that Agents’ time is utilized in a manner that maximizes ROI; but, at the same time, wants her Agents to have enough room to deliver a personalized service to their customers and elicit feedback to continuously improve the process. The Suite gives Susan a robust tool to design, deliver, maintain and enhance the customer service lifecycle.
  • The demo walks through a day in the life of an agent – super helpful!! This walk through gave Susan an overview she was looking for! One of the best features that Agents on Susan’s Service team are going to love is the ‘Case Flag Utility Bar Component’. The component takes the guesswork out of the process. For, it gives Agents specific information about the case they should be focusing on next. Whew!

The above is just the tip of the iceberg! Susan captured enough relevant information, from the demo, to make a strong business case to buy the Service Experience Suite. She is confident that her request will be approved without a hitch!

Happy Friday Y’all.

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Enjoy the Webinar – Happy Learning!