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Maximize Efficiency with S-Docs: 100% Native Document Automation for Salesforce

Missed 02nd October 2020 AppXchange Hour webinar with S-Docs Inc.? No need to fret – we have you covered! 

The purpose of AppXchange Hour is to spread information about essential apps available on AppExchange. Hence, we are sharing the recording so you can get to the information despite missing the webinar!

Use Case: Richa Gohil is a top notch System Administrator at Gurukul on Cloud (GoC). Richa’s manager, John Buffet, rushed to Richa’s desk with good news and a request – Richa discreetly rolled her eyes as she knew that she would have to deliver on the request ASAP! And, of course, Richa is not wrong – GoC is on the verge of acquiring a big client but, before it can do so, it will have to prepare an impressive demo and an eye-catching document! Richa is excited – she knows that acquiring the client will be a big boost to GoC’s bottom line! So, since she needs a great solution quickly, she checks out AppXchange Hour and notices that S-Docs is offering a webinar showcasing how their App helps their clients prepare very sleek and informative documents quickly. 

Ah! Time well spent! The webinar was informative and helped Richa to make a business case to buy the App. The following were some of the top selling points!

Webinar’s Excerpt:

  • Biggest relief – S-Doc is 100% native to Salesforce. That means that the company’s data/information stays within the org and never leaves the org in order to generate a document! GoC is particular about data integrity and security. Hence, S-Doc being 100% native to Salesforce is a big selling point!
  • Richa had spent hours in generating concise and informative dashboards. Richa was thrilled to learn how easy it was to add the dashboards on a document. 
  • Whew! It is not just the dashboards within the org that she can add to the document quickly but, she can also add information from the ERP system to generate invoices. Richa can leverage CPQ and generate quotes at a lightning speed and add them on the document with the help of S-Docs.
  • Wow, look at that! S-Doc now even has an e-signature feature as an add-on – impressive! This would help Richa to streamline her Sales lifecycle!

The above is just the tip of the iceberg! Richa captured enough relevant information, from the demo, to make a strong business case to buy App. She is confident that her request will be approved without a hitch!

Happy Friday Y’all.

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Enjoy the Webinar – Happy Learning!