AppXchange Hour

Your Guide to Building Salesforce-Connected Web Forms with Form Assembly!

Missed 24th July 2020 AppXchange Hour webinar with FormAssembly ? No need to fret – we have you covered! 

The purpose of AppXchange Hour is to spread information about essential apps available on AppExchange. Hence, we are sharing the recording so you can get to the information despite missing the webinar!

Use Case: Covid-19 has spiked digital engagement. As a Salesforce Administrator, Myra Lance needs to revamp business processes to align with this new normal. She needs a streamlined tool to collect information from her internal and external stakeholders in a structured manner – web forms and surveys. 

Myra remembers seeing rave reviews about FormAssembly! Since FormAssembly has a great trial option for free, she decides to leverage it. Lucky Myra! For, AppXchange Hour has a webinar on FormAssembly to help Salesforce Ohana learn about ‘just right’ Apps on the AppExchange! Myra registers for the webinar and gets the much needed help – a live demo!!

Webinar’s Excerpt – Top reasons for investing your time to take a closer look at FormAssembly:

  • There is a reason why FormAssembly has bagged rave reviews – it is simple to use and configure.
  • With ‘Point and Click’ a user can integrate Salesforce and FormAssembly by using a Connector on the FormAssembly’s Admin Dashboard.
  • Forms can be created using a blank canvas, imported template from Salesforce or by using myriads of FormAssembly templates.
  • Concerned whether your complicated business requirements can be accommodated by the simplicity of FormAssembly? Worry not! FormAssembly offers a bunch of advanced tools to design highly customized forms!
  • Last but not least, FormAssembly has a robust knowledge base on their site to help users with varied skills to explore and experiment!

The demo’s elegance convinced Myra to take the plunge. After the webinar, she logged into AppExchange and downloaded the App! 

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Enjoy the Webinar – Happy Learning!